Our Story

Pama Studios was founded in 1988 by Maxe Axelsson. From being a vision back then, it has grown into a successful record & production company in the Swedish music industry. 

We have produced music for bands, artists, labels etc for over 25 years. Today we are a one stop for music production, film mixing, dubbing, sound editing and video editing. We have a long experience of working with projects worldwide and our producers have a good habit of taking a holistic approach to the productions.

Mankan Sedenberg started at Pama 1992 and have produced hundreds of productions since then, Mankan is today the head over the studios and handle all the A&R for Hardrock, Metal and Punk. 

Thomas Karlsson or ”TK” entered the company in 2002 working with marketing/PR in various projects. As time passed he moved his focus to publishing and song writing. Today he’s involved in many of the in-house projects at Pama also taking on a senior advisor role in developing song writing with up and coming artists / producers.