Emilio is born and raised in Kristianopel, a small village in the southeastern part of Blekinge county and is a self taught pianist. He got his first keyboard at the age of six.

He is now 13, and a album is highly requested by both his younger and older fans!

Nynningen is a Swedish progg-rock band active between 1971 and 1980. The band was founded by Bertil Goldberg and Tomas Forssell as an acoustic duo. Totta Näslund joined and the trio became "Nynningen".

The band reunited in 2016 and is now about release their first album in 43 years!

Ida Gratte is a 21 year old artist & songwriter from Sweden. She started in the genre Sing- and songwriter but now she alternates that with modern pop. She writes about being a woman in today's society, sorrow, love and everything in between.