Label4you is your plattform to get a pro team to work your record

As the musical landscape changes - so must the music industry. The concept of the album is today one that the audience don’t request. The demand lies in creating great tracks that stand out, and then doing it again, and again - that is how you build a successful career. And of course the challenges, and the competition is great, because so are the rewards! The technology is readily available for anyone with a laptop and some technical savvy. Within days, you can have your music on platforms like Spotify, Tidal or iTunes - but that in itself does not guarantee success. For example it is estimated that 20% of all tracks available on Spotify have never been streamed. Not even once! 

So the challenge lies in creating great music and then presenting it to the audience in such a way that it attracts attention that translates into streams and downloads. And this is where we enter! We want to develop and give exposure to up and coming artists and help them build a bigger audience! Our team of online marketers and industry professionals know how to navigate successfully in the digital market place! Send us your music and a bio and for review - don’t wait - we want to see you on line to a great career in music! 

Pama Records has long going partnership for distribution with Universal Music.

Submit material! songs and info

This is how it works! We will help you to reach out to your music fans, but if we feel that your material are not ready to be present, we will say No, Not ready! (2)  But if we say Yes! (1) you will have a deal and we will help you to set a great plan to build your artist career.

1. yes you got a deal with us!

Cool! You’ve just landed a Deal! You’ll get your music released on Spotify, iTunes, etc. We’ll give you A&R and promotion support. If it’s a HUGE HIT we'll make sure it will get presented to our network worldwide!

2. Sorry, this is nothing for us

Thanks for letting us listening to your music!
Get back to your studio and work on some more cool tracks. 

When you send some music to us, please use links, example soundcloud. It also great to see some of your production on youtube and some pictures.

We do not accept links to drives like Google drive.

Thanks :-)