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High-end music studios at Pama - with different equipment and facilities to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you're looking for a smaller pre-production studio, songwriter studio or a fully equipped professional music studio we've got the right solution. We provide all formats of digital masters and DDP-masters for CD, streaming and download, iTunes, Spotify etc.


kristianopel - music & post

Torsås - music & post


 Pama Kristianopel. The hybrid studio, mostly used for modern music and post-production. The studio is built around a Vintage Neve together with the latest technology from Avid - Avid S6. The studio is built in a way that enables you to quickly access all the different sounds from different manufacturers such as Neve, SSL, API and more.


This studio is also built so that you can have several projects up and running at the same time including everything from cool vintage gear to the latest in the digital world. The studio hosts big Genelec main speakers, that will give you everything you need for a great world-class production.



Pama Torsås.  The music and post-production studio located in Torsås features all the gear you need for smaller productions and post-production editing. With Genelec speakers and Avid S3 as its main components this small studio has everything you need to get started.